Timeline – Satguru Ram Singh Ji

Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji
Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji

Permission to meet the Satguru -1874

In 1873 Satguru Hari Singh (Maharaja Budh Singh) gave an application for permission to meet Satguru Ram Singh Ji. It was rejected so that nobody could come to know where he was detained. However the application given by Harnam Singh and Chandon for a meeting with the Satguru Ram Singh was accepted. They were permitted to Visit Yangon on 23rd October 1874. This triggered a ray of hope. They reached Yangon with offerings of money and clothes. They met the Chief Commissioner on 16th April 1875. They were taken into custody under an order and deported to Kolkata in a..Read more


House Arrest in Rangoon & Margui

Satguru Ram Singh Ji was initially detained Central Jail in Rangoon. On 16th Sept 1872 he was transferred to Cantt Circuit House on Voyles Road and kept there up to 18th Sept, 1880 and then shifted to Margui in Burma on 21 Sept, 1880.


Contradictions in the ‘death report’ of Satguru Ram Singh Ji

A report by The Civil Surgeon, Mergui, to the Deputy Commissioner, Mergui, No. 99, dated the 29th November, 1885, states – ” I beg to report to you upon the death of State prisoner Ram Singh, which event has taken place just this moment 4.30 pm. The man has been in a decline sometime past, and with the setting in of the cold weather, he has had another attack of Diarrhoea and he complained of the change very much…. ‘ Guru Ram Singh did not expire on 29th November 1885. Either he was transferred to a ‘more remote spot’, as written..Read more


Contradictions in the ‘death report’ of Satguru Ram Singh Ji

Official documents confirm that Satguru Ram Singh Ji was alive after 1885! Sir Charles Bernard, Chief Commissioner of British Burma, in his letter dated 23rd August 1886, informed Sardar Atar Singh of Bhadaur – “Ram Singh, Kuka, is going to be transferred to a more remote spot, where communication with him will be less easy.” This information, from the highest authority of the British Burma, contradicts the Civil Surgeon’s ‘death report’.  


Centenary of Pardes Gavan

In 1972, spearheaded by His Holiness Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji, Namdharis across the world marked the centenary of Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji’s pardes gavan.


Akhand Varni at Birthplace

In 1985 Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji started a non-stop round the clock akhand varni of nam simran in the room of birth of Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji


Satguru Ram Singh Marg Delhi Metro station

Patel Nagar (West) Delhi Metro station on Kiriti Nagar/lnderlok – Mundka Line, was been renamed as “Satguru Ram Singh Marg Metro station”


Picture in Indian Parliament

For years, Satguru Ram Singh Ji’s great gift to mankind was only to be talked about in Namdhari media. Even today many Indians, let alone the world, are void of this first chapter in their history of the fight for India’s independence. But in Dec 2008, the government finally honoured the achievements of the Kookas fighters and the contribution of Sat Guru Ram Singh’s non-cooperation movement. On 22nd December 2008 , the Indian prime minister unveiled a portrait of Satguru Ram Singh Ji in the parliament of India. His holiness Sri Satguru Jajit Singh Ji graced the occasion.


Satguru Ram Singh Miniature Theme Park

Asu Mela of 2011 During the annual asu mela, His Holiness Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji presided during the official opening ceremony of Satguru Ram Singh Miniature Theme Park: Kuka-Sangram. This theme park is adjacent to the main gate of Sri Bhaini Sahib.


150th anniversary Coin Issue

150th anniversary of Kuka Movement Coins to commemorate the occasion of 150 years of Kuka Movement are released.


Commemorative stamp release

24 Dec 2014 The then Union Minister for Communication & IT, Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad released a commemorative stamp to highlight heroic deeds of those engaged in Kuka Movement. Speaking in the occasion, Mr. Prasad said that the sacrifices made by people of Punjab will be always remembered. He said members of the Movement raised voice against foreign rule at a time when people feared most barbaric approach of the rulers. The Kuka Movement evolved feeling of self respect & sacrifice for the country. They played significant role in the historic Non-cooperation Movement of India.


Bicentenary Anniversary

2ooyr Birth Anniversary of Satguru Ram Singh Ji

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