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LISTEN to a selection of the kirtan & diwan performed at Namdhari Sikh Sangat Southall UK. Courtesy of SANGEET STREAM from

We are in great debt to the numerous artists and performers who have made Sangeet Stream and Audio Stream as the mainstay of our websites. As part of (founded 1998) Sangeet Stream was the first web-site which began to offer audio of Namdhari Kirtan, Music and kaths.

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3 Responses to AudioStream

  1. Sushma says:

    I have listen katha by harbhajan singh ji khunduwala, its
    extremely beautiful, sant ji has amrit wani that touch the listener’s heart but i could not listen all of them because i
    couldnot download the audio,pl add more bani’s by santji


  2. Gurdeep Singh Namdhari from Lovely Professional University Phagwara , Punjab says:

    All matter uploaded to this website is most valuable and rare . It will really be helpful for all age group humans specially for Music learners . It may be useful to spread Satguru Ji’s message of truth to all over the universe .
    May Satguru Ji bless all the team of

  3. Gwenda Meredith says:

    The presence of Harjinderpal Singh Matharu playing Santoor at Lancaster Univrsity Concert about 8 years ago was a very special wonderful experience. I bought a CD and treasured listening to this music .One day a Santoor player in Lancaster from Shiraz Iran who was an asylum seeker told me he missed his Santoor. I gave the CD to him with a small CD player.
    He eventually moved away. The CD went with him.
    I would so like to have a CD again as the music is so deeply special and my heart misses it.
    May I buy another?

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