2. Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji



In the presence of Satguru Jagjit Singh ji, the unique warrior of peace from India, you can feel peace and commune with him in silence. You feel peace. You begin to understand that a simple act of life can become a simple act of peace. He is a man with a frail body. Like Lord Buddha, Guru Nanak Dev and Guru Gobind Singh, he is indomitable in spirit. His own life is his message. He lives simply, honestly, spiritually, and peacefully and enjoys ecstasy in spiritual life. He releases radiation, which pervades the environment and suffuses everyone around, the feeling of being at ease and at peace. He distributes peace, inner and outer both.

Mata Bhupinder Kaur gave birth to a princely son of Satguru Partap Singh on 22nd November 1920. Bhaini Sahib was still having a police post and the Gurdwara was virtually like a jail of cruel Kans. But it was for certain that very soon, the seize would be lifted. The restrictions, jails and police posts would not be able to stop the fragrant air from blowing in. The birth of the prince was an occasion of rejoicing for the entire Kuka sect. He took over the seat of the spiritual and temporal headship as Satguru Jagjit Singh after Satguru Partap Singh left for his heavenly abode in 1959.

Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji (1920-2012)

Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji

Born in November 1920, as he grew up, the Satguru realised the great mission—he represented. He has travelled ii zany countries in five continents so frequently that he has become the greatest spiritual traveller of the world so far. A peep into his intimate spiritual life. When the world sleeps, the Satguru awakes. He gets up in the ambrosial hours between 1-2 am. After purifying his physical body, he greets every new day with a prayer, meditation and worship. The spiritual qualities he has inherited have turned him into a spiritual lighthouse of energy and bliss, not only for his devotees but anyone who comes into contact with him.

As some spiritual wise men would explain, white is the colour of all colours. It is also the Colour of the soul. Never mind the colour of your skin, black, white, yellow, brown. Your soul is pure and milk-white. And white is not just white. It has every colour, every hue of life integrated in it. It is the colour of the ultimate joy and peace and equality of all mankind. Freedom of man and peace on earth are part of Satguru Jagjit Singh’s heritage. He wants to share it with the entire humanity. Peace is his gift to the people of the world. Peace is the prime mission of his life. Peace is vital and the most powerful dimension of his life. Satguru Jagjit Singh, the True Master and Spiritual God King, is also the man of the coming millennium. As world spiritual leaders see, the 21st century man would like to experience life, experience the truths and secrets of life. That would make the coming millennium-the millennium of experience mankind. His approach of simple and clean way of life as a highway to happiness and joy and the innermost feel of spiritual power shall be the way of the good in the new millennium.

Satguru Jagjit Singh ‘s main weapon is personal conduct of the individual and non-violence. To attain freedom and peace it was vital to practice non-violence of thought, word and deed, non-violence in food, non-violence in business, trade, industry, science, technology, religion and international relations. Vegetarianism is one manifestation of this non-violence. Not wearing clothes and accessories made from animal skin is another. Like Jesus Christ and Lord Buddha, the Satguru teaches that non-violence is mankind’s greatest and safest weapon to fight the continuous war for peace.

He is fighting wrong attitudes. He is fighting violence in the hearts of men and women, He is fighting the weakness of men and women for drugs, intoxicants. He is fighting the gender bias. He is fighting the sexual indiscipline and promiscuity which had led to fatal and foul diseases like AIDS. He is fighting religious terrorism. He is fighting fear and violence in the hearts of men and women.

Spiritually, the meek looking Satguru Jagjit Singh is a powerhouse of soul force and spiritual energy, like Lord Buddha, Guru Nanak Dev and Guru Gobind Singh. His followers around the world, consider him God and Guru. But millions of people belonging to different castes, colours and creeds, who have had the good fortune of being in his presence, consider him the universal and the global spiritual leader whose vibrations and message go beyond geographical, social and religious frontiers. The human spirit knows no barriers.


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