Contradictions in the ‘death report’ of Satguru Ram Singh Ji

A report by The Civil Surgeon, Mergui, to the Deputy Commissioner, Mergui, No. 99, dated the 29th November, 1885, states –

” I beg to report to you upon the death of State prisoner Ram Singh, which event has taken place just this moment 4.30 pm. The man has been in a decline sometime past, and with the setting in of the cold weather, he has had another attack of Diarrhoea and he complained of the change very much…. ‘

Guru Ram Singh did not expire on 29th November 1885. Either he was transferred to a ‘more remote spot’, as written by the Chief Commissioner of British Burma, or disappeared quietly from the prison. But Official documents confirm that Satguru Ram Singh Ji was alive after 1885!

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