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RaagNaad: App from Sri Bhaini Sahib dedicated to Namdhari Gurmat Sangeet. Listen to Asa di Vaar in pure ragas, Gurbani Kirtan, India Classical Sangeet Programs, Updesh, Katha, Lectures, Kavishari, Live programs from Sri Bhaini Sahib.

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Gurbani Anywhere

Gurbani Anywhere iPhone AppGurbani Anywhere iPhone app is one of the best apps available out there for you to have access to various Gurbanis when you are on the go. Gurbani Anywhere is a complete Gurbani Application in the palm of your hand and is the only app on the iPhone that gives you access to this much Gurbani.It has got the whole Nitnem – which means you can access Japji Sahib, Jaap Sahib, Chaupai Sahib, Anand Sahib and all other nitnem baanis on the move.[Download: iPhone App Link]

Nitnem GutkaNitnem Gutka iPhone AppThis is again one of our favourites which provides the whole Nitnem Sahib on your iPhone. One of the main advantages of this Gurbani App is that it includes Nitnem Sahib in both Punjabi and Hindi. So, those of you who don’t know Gurmukhi can use this app to read Nitnem in Hindi.[Download: iPhone App Link]

Gurbani WorldGurbani World iPhone AppGurbani World iPhone App lets you listen and watch morning and evening Sikh prayers. On an easy-to-use start screen you can select which prayer to listen or watch. You can also read the daily Hukamnaama from Golden Temple right on your iPhone.This Gurbani App has a unique “shake” feature which let’s you watch or listen morning/evening Gurbani just by shaking your iPhone.[Download: iPhone App Link]

Sikhnet RadioSikhnet Radio iPhone AppSikhnet Radio is a popular Gurbani iPhone app that allows you to listen to live kirtan audio streaming from Gurdwaras around the world. Its 60,000 downloads and a 4.5 start rating speaks for how awesome and useful this app is.This Gurbani App includes popular live audio streams like live kirtan from Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar, India.[Download: iPhone App Link]

Sundar Gutka`Sundar Gutka iPhone Gurbani AppKhalsa Sundar Gutka contains the daily and extended Sikh Prayers including Nitnem. Sundar Gutka iPhone app contains 40+ Sikh Prayers (Gurbanis).
[Download: iPhone App Link | iPad App Link]

iNitnem [g] and iNitnem [e]iNitnem iPhone Gurbani App (e) and (g)iNitnem is another nice app which has got version for both iPhone and iPad and comes in two variants – iNitnem [g] and iNitnem [e]. iNitnem [g] has all the gurbanis included only in Gurmukhi (punjabi) while iNitnem [e] includes the sikh prayers both in Gurmukhi and English. This app is developed by Kesri Nishaan.[Download: iPhone App Link | iPad App Link]

Dhur Ki BaaniDhur Ki Baani iPhone Gurbaani AppDhur Ki Baani is another great app by Kesri Nishaan to listen to live Kirtan on the go!This app accesses Dhur Ki Bani servers to server live audio streaming from some of the very famous Sikh Temples (Gurdwaras) like Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) Amritsar, Dukh Nivaran Sahib Ludhiana, and many more Gurswaras from around the world.[Download: iPhone App Link]

Gutka – Sikh PrayersGutka - Sikh Prayers iPhone Gurbani AppGutka is a simple iPhone Gurbani app which does just what it is supposed to do – present Sikh Prayers like Nitnem Sahib and Sukhmani Sahib in a very easy-to-read format.You can open the Bani you want and simply scroll down to read it. You can also reduce or increase the font size of the Gurbani while reading it. It has also got 6 additional themes which you can chose to change the background and font colour.[Download: iPhone App Link]

iSikhi – Gurbani Search ApplicationiSikhi iPhone Gurbani Appi Sikhi is a very useful Gurbani Search Application for iPhone.iSikhi allows you to search Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Gurdaas Ji’s Vaar, and Dasam Granth on your iPhone and iPod Touch devices.iSikhi will seem quite familiar to you if you have used SikhiToTheMax which is the desktop version of Gurbani Search Application.[Download: iPhone App Link]

MyNitnemMyNitnem - iPhone Gurbani App Another iPhone Gurbani App on the list – MyNitnem – which allows you to read the daily Sikh prayers, Nitnem Sahib conveniently where ever you may be!My Nitnem has got all the Nitnem daily Sikh prayers – Japji Sahib, Jaap Sahib, Savaiye, Chaupai Sahib, Aanand Sahib and Kirtan Sohila. There are many additional Banis added as well. Download and check out this simple Gurbani App.[Download: iPhone App Link]

Sikh SangeetSikh Sangeet iPhone Gurbani AppThe Sikh Sangeet iPhone App brings Shabad Gurbani Kirtan, Dharmik Katha Veechar, Gurbani Uchaaran and Dhadi Vaaran right to your iPhone.[Download: iPhone App Link]

Daily HukamnaamaDaily Hukamnaama iPhone AppWith this iPhone App, you can get the daily Hukamnama from Golden Temple, Amritsar in Gurmukhi (Punjabi) and English right onto your iPhone/iPod Touch.You can also also listen to a list of Gurbani Radios from around the world.[Download: iPhone App Link]

iGurbaniiGurbani iPhone iPad AppiGurbani is a powerful Gurbani Search Engine that allows you to search the Sikh scriptures. You can accurately read shabads from the Sri Guru Granth Sahib in a revolutionary style of showing the vishraams – instead of commas, the vishraams are highlighted in a specific color.[Download: iPhone App Link]

Live Kirtan Golden Temple (Darbaar Sahib) AmritsarLive Kirtan Golden Temple (Darbaar Sahib) Amritsar iPhone App This app is quite similar to Dhur Ki Baani App except for the fact that unlike DKB app which has live feeds from various Sikh temples in the world, this five-star rated gurbani app in the app store is dedicated to The Golden Temple, Amritsar. Using Live Kirtan Golden Temple app, you can access live audio and daily scriptures from The Golden Temple right on your iPhone in an amazing user interface.In addition to listening to Live Kirtan, you can also listen to recorded Kirtran from Golden Temple and read or listen to Sri Guru Granth Sahib. You can also read page by page translation of the Sikh scripture Sri Guru Granth Sahib.[Download: iPhone App Link]

Most of these apps are also available in the Android Market – on Google Play store.

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