Satguru Ram Singh JI – Timeline

Parkash Utsav of SRI SATGURU RAM SINGH JI. (Born on Basant Panchmi of 3 February 1816).

Sri Satguru Ram Singh ji is ranked as one of the personalities who shaped the millennium. Sri Guru Ram Singh considered political freedom a part of religion. He had lasting influence which changed the history and outcome of British rule in India. Satguru Ji’s wisdom and philosophical outlook contributes to mankind and had influence on its contemporaries.

His contribution for gender equality on its own, takes him to the top of the list of supreme reformers of the world. Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji preached for goodness of whole mankind. Such was his charisma, that during his fight for India’s independence, it rekindled Sikhism in thousands of Sikhs who became to be known as ‘Namdharis’ or ‘Kookas’.
Dhan Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji ..



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