Birth of Sant Khalsa

The first triangular white flag of the Indian Independence Movement, which symbolizes Sikh Tenets: Truth, Purity, Simplicity, Peace and Unity was hoisted by the 12th Sikh Guru – Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji  on the eve of the Baisakhi Festival – 1st Baisakh Samat 1914 (12th April 1857), when Sri Satguru Ji re-inaugurated the SANT KHALSA (also known as Namdhari Sikh Panth) at Sri Bhaini Sahib.

After 158 years of Satguru Gobind Singh Ji’s establishment of Khalsa Panth, Satguru Ram Singh  prepared the Amrit and  baptised Sant Kahan Singh Nihang,  Sant Labh Singh,  Sant Atma Singh, Sant Naina Singh and  Sant Sudh Singh and blessed them with Guru Mantar.

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