7 Tributes to Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji

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  • New Delhi (ABC Live) The Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has condoled the passing away of Satguru Jagjit Singh, the head of the Namdhari sect of Sikhs. In a message to Mata Har Chand Kaur Jee, Dr. Mamnmohan Singh said that in the passing away of the Satguru Jagjit Singh millions have lost their spiritual guide. The Satguru`s message of peace and brotherhood will continue to show us the way forward he added.The text of the Prime Minister`s message is as follows: “I received the news of Satguru Jagjit Singh`s passing away with deep sorrow and a sense of loss.Satguru`s teachings were based on the timeless principle of respect for all religions. His was a simple life devoted to the service of others. He was a source of guidance, inspiration and solace to millions. He was also a renowned musician, well versed in rare and original ragas, who worked to preserve the traditions of Indian classical music.I convey my heartfelt condolences to you, the near and dear ones of Satguru and to his countless followers on this sad occasion.”
  • Satguru Jagjit Singh plays the dilruba II.Photo Courtesy: Namdhari Darbar, Bhaini Sahib. Anad Foundation & Bhai Baldeep Singh: One of the most important figures of the 20th century India, a pilot, a poet, a singer, a taus-a dilruba player, philanthropist, pioneer, spiritual master – a mentor, and so much more, Maharaj Baba Jagjit Singh Ji passed away yesterday evening. His contribution in the fields of social welfare, sports, music and agriculture (organic farmer since 1962..!) will inspire people for times to come. He was a master with a fascinating sense of humour. His politicking by orchestrating inter-caste marriages is one among his countless contributions.His patronage to music and arts is unparalleled as well. His financial support and aide to some of the greatest 20th century names of Indian Classical music is well known – name them, Ustad-s Vilayat Khan, Piara Singh, Amjad Ali Khan, Alla Rakha, Pandit-s Krishan Maharaj, Birju Maharaj, Rajan-Sajan Misra, as well as mentoring so many talented musicians from among the Namdhari community including Ustad-s Harbhajan Singh and Gurdev Singh, Bhai-s Sukhdev Singh – Mohan Singh duo, Sukhvinder Singh Pinky, Baljit Singh Namdhari —the list is beyond my ability to count.He was also my Chacha-Guru. He studied from the wise Ustad Harnam Singh of Village Chawinda, also a relative of his. Ustad was the youngest classmate of my great-granduncle, Bhai Sahib Bhai Jwala Singh of Thatha Tibba.They had both studied from the legendary Baba Vasawa Singh of Darbar Sahib, Amritsar, also known as Baba Rangi Ram.The first time I met Maharaj Baba Jagjit Singh Ji was in the early 90s, 1994 I think, at the Tagore Theatre in Chandigarh. After the event, I was introduced to him. He inquired about my (musical) education. Babaji was surprised that I was also studying from Ustad Bhai Arjan Singh Tarangar and, while asking “is he still alive?”, requested his aides to take the address of the great Ustad. He expressed his wish to offer the last sewa (service or care) of Tarangar Sahib. Subsequently, he sent a Jatha to the village Thathian Mahantaan, near Village Sirhali, District Tarn Taran, Amritsar, where Tarangar Sahib’s daughter lived. Sadly, the Ustad had passed away by that time, but such were his ways in attending to the masters bearer of our cultural heritage..!I had a particularly close association with his younger brother, Maharaj Bir Singh, who shared most of the CV with his brother for they strode shoulder tied together when they were young. Maharaj Bir Singh would often visit my house in Nizamuddin East and we would jam for hours – swapping dliruba-harmonium-pakhawaj-tanpura, singing and playing before it would be time for him to leave (he was always glad to be late is departing!).In 2004, I sang some Khandar Vani repertoire at Bhaini Sahib. He too was an exponent of the Khandar Vani and was particularly impressed with a dhrupad inraga miyan-malhar – “barkha patal nache ya ho raag…” Ustad Pinky Namdhari on the Jori and Pandit Asit Banerjee on the rudra-vina had accompanied me on that occasion.Early this year, the Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi, honoured Satguru Jagjit Singh by inducting him as a prestigious Tagore Fellow of the Akademi for his contribution to Indian classical music and dance.It is frightening indeed to see the scenic panorama of a valley with mountains so wonderful – so unassailable, loose them one by one. A day dawns and you find them all gone..! Just the barren, just the stricken. Hopefully, spring will arrive soon – a vale  wondrous – so bounteous will arise again… That will be a tribute to the likes of the one, Maharaj Jagjit Singh Ji, who departed after one fine innings, one fine contribution. My salutations to him..!
  • Nidar Singh
    Deepest condolences to our Namdhari brothers and sisters ..Condolences
    I and the whole of the Baba Darbara Singh Akhara offer our deepest condolences to our Namdhari brothers and sisters upon the passing of their Satgur Jagjit Singh. The passing of such a great Sikh holy man and human being who did so much good for humanity and Sikhi leaves the world all the poorer. I count it as a great honour that I was able to have the blessed sight of the holy one and get his blessing. May Satgur keep showering his blessings from Sach Khand upon all those who love him.
  • Hindustan Times: Satguru Jagjit Singh, the head of the Namdhari sect of Sikhs, passed away at 6.38pm on Thursday. He was 92. Satguru was undergoing treatment at SPS Apollo Hospital here for the past three weeks following chest infection. He also had septicaemia and had been on ventilator ever since.The last rites would be conducted at Bhaini Sahib, the sect headquarters near Ludhiana, at 2pm on Friday.The Punjab government declared a public holiday in all educational institutions, offices, boards and corporations in Chandigarh as well as in the state on Friday as a mark of respect to the religious leader.Satguru Jagjit Singh was born in November 1920 at Bhaini Sahib, a township 35 km from Ludhiana. He was the fifth spiritual guru of the Namdharis who assumed the throne from Satguru Partap Singh in 1959. His wife, Chand Kaur, nephew Uday, son-in-law Jagtar Singh and his close associate Hanspal were at his side when he breathed his last.An exponent of  Indian classical music, Satguru Jagjit Singh was internationally acclaimed for his vocal recitals, especially for his unique style of ‘gurbani’ that he recited in ragas. He also played the dilruba, a string instrument.
  • Punjab chief minister Parkash Singh Badal and his deputy Sukhbir Singh Badal expressed grief over the death of Namdhari sect head Satguru Jagjit Singh on Thursday evening. The chief minister announced a public holiday on Friday as a mark of respect to the spiritual leader. In  his condolence message, he recalled the valuable services rendered by the Satguru in ushering in an era of communal harmony, brotherhood, peace and amity in the country.”Satguru Jagjit Singhji was a spiritual ambassador and an eminent social reformer who played a proactive role in eradicating social evils such as female foeticide, dowry and drug addiction,” Badal said.He said Satguru would be remembered for his humility, compassion and idealism. Describing the Satguru as an institution in himself, Badal also remembered his contribution as a philanthropist in education, health, farming, especially in the cultivation of vegetables, fruits and flowers besides promoting music and sports. “In the death of Satguru Jagjit Singhji, the nation has lost one of the most revered religious personalities who acted as a beacon to guide the destiny of mankind in a materialistic society by inspiring people to tread on the path of spirituality,” Badal said. All educational institutions, offices, boards and corporations in Chandigarh and in Punjab will remain closed on Friday as a mark of respect to the religious leader.Punjab Congress president Capt Amarinder Singh said Satguru’s death was a loss to humanity. He said the Satguru was the guiding force not only for the Namdhari durbar but also for mankind. Party general secretary and Dhuri MLA Arvind Khanna said Satguru’s death had created a vacuum in the spiritual and religious leadership.
  • Tribute Samagam by Namdhari Sangat UK.
    Namdhari Sangat UK got together in Birmingham Namdhari Dharamsala on 24th Feb 2013 to pay homage to His holiness Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji. Naam Simran, kirtan, katha and tributes were held in a 4 hour gathering. Rare videos of Satguru Jagjit Singh performing ‘bandishes’ were shown to the large audience. Exhibitions by Namdhari Sangats of Leicester, East London and Southall took place with each  showing how Satguru Jagjit Singh ji influenced the lives of the Sadh Sangat.


  • Sat Guru Jagjit Singh, preached  Namdhari Sikhs to practice Nanak’s three cardinal Principles of  Nam Japo , Kirat Karo, and Vand Chakko

    Sat Guru Jagjit Singh, the chief of Namdhari Sikhs, who passed away recently in Ludhiana, (Punjab) India, was a true symbol of puritan way of life. He showed the righteous path to his followers for over 50 years both in India and abroad.In his passing away the spiritual world has lost a great religious teacher and a reformer.Following on the tradition of Guru Nanak Dev ji, the first Sikh Guru , Sat Guru Jagjit Singh, preached  Namdhari Sikhs to practice Nanak’s three cardinal Principles of  Nam Japo (remembering the Name of God through meditation) Kirat Karo (Earn an honest living), and Vand Chakko (Sharing your income with the needy or giving to charity). Namdhari Sikhs embraced these principles in their lives in letter and spirit. It is on account of this why Namdhari Sikhs are very God fearing, hardworking, charitable, prosperous and generous community.

    During his time as chief of Namdhari sect, Sat Guru Jagjit Singh, tirelessly worked towards getting due recognition to Sat Guru Ram Singh’s pioneering contribution to the freedom movement of India.

    In his life time Sat Guru Jagjit Singh eradicated many social evils prevalent in society. He primarily achieved by preaching his followers to meditate on Naam Simran and follow the teachings laid out in the Adi Granth Sahib Ji and teachings of other Gurus.

    He called upon his followers to abstain from Alcohol and be pure vegetarians. Sat Guru Jagjit Singh believed in gender equality. He strongly condemned female infanticide prevalent in large swathes of Northern and other parts of India. He simplified the institution of marriage and eradicated the scourge of dowry system.

    Sat Guru Jagjit Singh’s far reaching contribution in the field of culture was the revival of classical music. He appealed to his followers to learn classical music. Singing hymns from Guru Granth Sahib (the Sikh scripture), in pure classical Raagas (notes) according to him, was the right way of honouring Sikh tradition and heritage.It is on account of Sat Guru Jagjit Singh’s dedicated efforts,to promote classical music,that today, Namdhari Sikhs can boast of some eminent names in the classical music world.

    A great humanitarian and a philanthropist Sat Guru Jagjit Singh was also an ardent lover of Nature. He preached for the protection of flora, fauna and the environment.

    Sat Guru Jagjit Singh was a champion of inter-faith dialogue and harmony. He was a crusader of world peace and dreamt of a world free from violence and war.

    The best tribute one can pay to Sat Guru Jagjit Singh is by following the path shown by him.

    BY Padamjit Singh Matharu (Southall UK)



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