NSSS welcomes 2008

31 Dec 2007: At the stroke of 12 mid-night London City erupted with an amazing show of fire-works along the banks of River Thames. £1,000,000 worth of fire works were wasted in a matter of 10 minutes – the highest amount ever spend by London City. Across the country similar displays took place. And yet the government is busy promoting cleaner living! While 10 fireworks per second were being smoked out in the city, in a quite corner of West London, Namdhari sangat of Southall had gathered to do Naam Simrana and an ardas for the well being of all in the New Year. Observing Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji’s hukaam, this years’ old tradition is the way the Southall Namdhari Sangat remembers the past year and welcomes the New Year.

With the blessing of Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji, the evening commenced at 8pm and an hour of naam simran was followed by a short break for Langar. Sant Kirpal Singh and Surjit Singh Chana put on a video show, which comprised of photographs of all events of 2007. The video show rounded off on a lighter note with a recording of the kavita “chup karke” by Chanan Singh Chaman.

Sangeet was next on the menu. Hakam Singh & Aman Kaur Bhullar played Rag Des on the Dilruba & Sitar. Tabla accompany was by Anand Sahai. Next, Maan Kaur Bhamra performed Rag Bahar on Dilruba. All these artists are pupils of Ustad Gurdev Singh (sarod vadak).

Next was time for halley de dewan and Katha by jathedar Gurcharan Singh of Delhi & jatherdar Joga Singh. Southall Jatha accompanied him for the dewan. As the final minutes of 2007 ticked, Sant Joga Singh did the final ardas of 2007 (and the first ardas of 2008). Sukh shanti and eekta in 2008 of the entire world was echoed in the ardas and Satguru Ji was thanked for the kirpa bestowed in 2007. A mid-night feast was awaiting the sangat at the end of the program.

Report by Namdhari Sikh Sangat Southall Committee.

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