Sri Guru Harkrishan Ji

+ Avtar Or Parkash Diwas: Sawan Vadi 8 1713 Bikrami
+ Date of Birth: July 7, 1656
+ Place of Birth: Village Kiratpur (Anand Pur)
+ Gurgaddi Diwas: 7 Katak 1718 Bikrami (7.10.1661) Village Kiratpur Sahib
+ Joti Jot Diwas: Chet Sudi14,1721 Bikrami (30.3.1664) Delhi


+ Father: Guru Har Rai Jee Mother: Mata Krishan jee
+ Wife/Wives: Not married
+ Children: None.

Q. 74      When and where was Guru Harkrishan Ji bom? Also name His parents.

Ans.        Date of Birth: 8th of Sawan Vikrami Samvat 1713 , July 7th of 1656 A.D.

Birthplace: Kiratpur Sahib. Father: Guru Har Rai Ji Mother: Mata Krishna Ji.

Q. 75      At what age was Guru Harkrishan Ji enthroned as Guru and for how many years He remained as the VIIIth Sikh Guru ?

Ans.        Guru Harkrishan Ji was enthroned at the age of five years, in Vikrami Samvat 1718; 1661 A.D. and remained Guru for two years, four months and 26 days.

Q. 76      Which miracles did Guru Harkrishan Ji perform, while going to Delhi?

Ans.        Some of the miracles performed are as follows:

To break the false pride of Pundits at Kurukshetra, Guru Ji had put a stick on the head of a humble illiterate person who recited the meanings of Gita to the pundits.

Guru Har Krishan Ji ordered to take His Charanamrit whosoever wanted to get rid of cholera during the outbreak of this epidemic in Delhi and , in this way, many lives were saved.

Q. 77      When and where did Guru Har Krishan Ji breathe His last ?

Ans.        Guru Harkrishan Ji expired on 14 Chet Sudhi, Vikrami Samvat 1721, 30th March 1664 A.D. in Delhi.

Q. 78         Which order was passed by Guru Har Krishan Ji, for the 9th Guru before passing away ?

Ans         “Baba basai gram Bakaley” which meant that the ninth Guru, Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji lived in a village named Bakala.

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