Jap Prayog 2015

Namdhari communities world over observe this tradition with utmost vigour, which was set up by Sri Sat Guru Pratap Singh Ji. This Year marks the 111th session of Jap Prayogs. These usually fall in the month of asu ie about mid-September, starting on the sangrandh of asu till the next sangrandh. In Southall, this timetable usually extends by a few days to accommodate the life-style in the UK.
Jap Prayogs Schedule at Southall
Jap Prayog 2015 commencing on Sunday 13th September with Asa di Var at 5am.

4 am to 6 am
– Naam Simran
7:30 pm to 8:30 pm – Evening Naam Simran; followed by Langar.

4 am to 5 am – Naam Simran
5 am to 7 am – Asa di Var
6 pm to 7 pm – Evening Naam Simran & 7 pm to 8 pm – Katha and Kirtan; followed by Langar.

Please contact Ajeet Singh on 07939165412 to book evening and weekend programs.

The Prayogs were initiated in 1906. Their purpose is to get together in the form of ‘sangat’ and meditate the name of GOD (ie jap of naam) in the longing of Darshan (appearance) of Satguru Ram Singh ji. Hundreds of paths of chandi-de-var, aad Granth Sahib, sardaran and other paaths are done by the sangat world over. The bhogs of these paaths take place at the end of the prayogs. The prayogs start with all the sangat having amrit on the first day. Many persons abstain from the usual pleasures of life and devote their time to meditation, reciting gurbani, kirtan, paaths and general seva. A few kept sodh too. (sooch sodh is the practice of ablution and purification to lead a puritan way of life). During this auspicious month events are organized to encourage the sangat and especially the children to follow the tenants of Sikhism. Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji emphasised the importance of the early morning naam-simran in the sangat.

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