Satguru Balak Singh Ji

+ Avtar Or Parkash Diwas: Pagan Sudi 15, 1841 Bikrami
+ Date of Birth: March, 1784
+ Place of Birth: Village Sarwala
+ Gurgaddi Diwas: Vaisak Sudi 10, 1868 Bikrami (1812) Village Hazron
+ Joti Jot Diwas: Maghar Sudi 1919 Bikrami (6th Dec. 1862) Village Hazron


+ Father – Baba Dayal Singh Jee Mother
+ Mata Bhagbhari Jee
+ Wife: Mata Totti Jee
+ Children: None

Q.124     When and where was Sat Guru Balak Singh Ji born ? Name His parents.

Ans.        Date of birth: Phaggan Sudi 15 Pooranmashi Vikrami Samvat 1841 (1785 AD)

Place of birth: Village Sarvala, Distt Attok. Father: Baba Dyal Singh Ji.

Mother: Mata Bhag Bhari Ji.

Q.125     According to which maryada (marriage system) Sri Satguru Balak Singh Ji was married and to whom ?

Ans.        Satguru Balak Singh Ji was married to Mata Toti Ji according to Brahmini maryada (Vedic System)

Q.126     When,how and where was Satguru Balak Singh Ji given the succession to Gurgaddi ?

Ans.        On Baisakh Sudi 10 Vikrami Samvat 1869 (1812 AD), Satguru Balak Singh Ji got the Gurgaddi from Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Q.127     “Ber Giarhwin Hum Chat Aawein Tiste koik hum lukh paahwein”

In which book these words are written ?

Ans.        These words are written in the “Sri Guru Partap Sooraj Granth” in chapter 5th, part 38.

Q.128     “Come, Thakur ji , I have been waiting for you since long.” Who said these words and to whom ? What was the occasion ?

Ans.        Sri Satguru Balak Singh Ji said these words to Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji when the later had gone to visit the former in 1841 A.D. at Hazron Sahib.

Q.129     When did Sri Satguru Balak Singh Ji pass away ?

Ans.        Sri Satguru Balak Singh Ji passed away on Vikrami Samvat 1919 pooranmashi of Maghar, Saturday (1862 AD )

Q.130     To whom did Satguru Balak Singh Ji hand over the succession of Gurugaddi ?

Ans.        To Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji.

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