In 1841, the Sikh army on its way to Peshawar. stopped over at Hazron, the head quarters of Satgum Balak Singh Ji. They learnt about the popularity and spiritual greatness of Satguru Balak Singh Ji. Satguru Ram Singh Ji also went to pay his reverence to Satguru Balak Singh J i along with other soldiers.

On seeing Satguru Ram Singh Ji , Satguru Balak Singh Ji at once recognised him. He said, ” O Thakur Ji, I had been waiting for you since long”. Satguru Balak Singh Ji performed formal ceremony by offering five pesas and a coconut to Satguru Ram Singh Ji and thus vested him with the sacred leadership of the Sikhs on 1st Asu 1898 Bikrami ie., September 1841 .

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