Namdhari Shaheedi Melas

The Namdhari Freedom movement had far reaching repercussions – 50 years later, Mahatma Gandhi adopted their means and methods as political weapons against the Raj in India. It united the countrymen in the common cause of achieving freedom leading to independence in 1947. Gandhi’s model was later adopted by many a freedom fighter, including Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.

Satguru Ram Singh Ji’s fight for independence was a turning point in world history for it eventually sounded the death-knell of colonial rule in the British empire.

Namdhari Sikhs laid down their lives to preserve the sanctity of  The Golden Temple, protection of cows and fought against the ‘divide  and rule’ policy of the British rule.

The Shaheedi Melas remind us of their sacrifice at Amritsar, Ludhiana, Raikot & Malerkotla.

The hangings and blowing off with cannons was a hideous crime by the British at the time – Sir Henry Cotton in his book, Indian and Home memories on page 112 says “For my part I can recall nothing during my service in India, more revolting and shocking than these executions and there were many who thought as I did and still think that the final orders of the establishments were lamentably inadequate”.

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