New Years Eve 2006

New Years Eve 2006 & January 2007  in Southall UK

As the general public celebrated the coming of the new year with lavish expenditure on fireworks and new year parties (increasing the pollution levels & wastage of valuable food and drink) the Namdhari Sikh Sangat in Southall gathered in prayer, naam-simran and an aradas in the charans’ of Satguru Ram Singh Ji & Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji for a trouble-free and joyous coming 12 months.

The sangat did not forget to thank the Almighty for the past 12 months. The last evening of 2006 was celebrated with naam-simran by the congregation and kirtan & hallay da dewan by Charan Singh (Jammu) with the Southall Jatha. Sant Kirpal Singh Chana presented a DVD visual recalling the gone-by years of the sangat.

Apart from the customary weekly schedule on the weekends the sangat also had the following:

On 3rd Jan the funeral and paath da bhog took place for the late Sant Satbachan Singh Deeora. On the first Saturday of the month (6th Jan) the customary Naam-simran de varni for the dharsan of Satguru Ram Singh Ji was performed. Monday 8th saw the funeral and paath da bhog for the late Bibi Manjit Kaur Virdee wife of Mr Kamaljit Singh Virdee.

In the second half of the month were the important dates of the namdhari calendar ie Shahidi Mela MalerKotla, and the day marking the Pardes Gavan Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji (Jan 18) and Basant Panchmi ( the 191st Parkash divas of Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji ) on 23rd Jan. The sangat marked these days with Naam-Simran and Kirtan. On 28th Jan the sangat joined the entire UK Namdhari community and the Prakash Utsav of Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji Sahaie was celebrated at the UK level at East London Gurudwara with assa de var, bhogs, kirtan, katha and hallai de dewaan.

A havan, along with assa de var, was performed on 14th Jan for Amitoz S Hanspal & family. Mata Mans Kaur Chana & families had a sardharan Paath da bhog in memory of Harbans Singh Chana on 27th January.

In January 2007, Prashad and langhar sevas were on behalf of the family of Satbachan Singh Deeora, Kamaljeet Singh Virdee, Bachan Singh Bhuller & family, Malkit S Panesar, Amitoz S Hanspal, Harminder S Chana and Mata Mans Kaur Chana & family.

Kirtan and dewaan was performed by Ustad Harbhajan Singh, Ustad Gurdev Singh, Kiranpal Singh (Santoor), Pt Sanju Sahaie (tabla), ragis Satvinder S Bhogal, Jagir S Reehal, Charan Singh, Narinderpal S Ryatt (tabla) along with Southall jatha for hally de dewaans.

From Namdhari Sikh Sangat Southall.

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