Sri Mata Chand Kaur Ji

<strong>MATA Chand Kaur Ji (1932-2016)</strong>

Mata Chand Kaur Ji – Quality of Life: Colourful and Beautiful. A Tribute.

In the early hours of the morning of 4 April, the social media of Namdhari Sikhs went hay-wire… of the passing of Sri Jagat Mata Chand Kaur Ji. The pain of the news knew of no bounds when the (unthinkable) reality unfolded: In Sikh history, never has such a heinous crime taken place – the life of a Guru-mata taken in a calculated and cold-blooded assassination. Monday 4th April 2016 became a defining moment in Namdhari Sikh history. As the news spread, Sadh Sangat in Southall gathered at the Namdhari Community Center for being with each other to observe and share the grief. Observing Satguru Jis hukum, in quiescence, the sangat started Naam Simran, Bhagauti de malas and recitation of Chaupi Sahib, Sukhmani Sahib, Ugardanti and Shastra-Naam-Mala Paaths.

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