Southall Sangat Concludes JAP PRAYOGS 2007
(report compiled by Namdhari Sikh Sangat Southall UK)

The annual Prayogs in Southall concluded on 21st October 2007. The Jap of Naam for 1 Hour was observed daily from 16th Sept 07 to 20th October 07 and the morning of Sunday 21st Oct saw the bhogs of this auspicious occasion.

Namdhari communities world over observe this tradition with utmost vigour, which was set up by Sri Sat Guru Pratap Singh Ji. This Year marks the 103rd session of Jap Prayogs. These usually fall in the month of asu ie about mid-September, starting on the sangrandh of asu till the next sangrandh. In Southall this timetable usually extends by a few days to accommodate the life-style in the UK.

The Prayogs were initiated in 1906. Their purpose is to get together in the form of ‘sangat’ and meditate the name of GOD (ie jap of naam) in the longing of Darshan (appearance) of Satguru Ram Singh ji. Hundreds of paths of chandi-de-var, aad Granth Sahib, sardaran and other paaths are done by the sangat world over. The bhogs of these paaths take place at the end of the prayogs. The prayogs start with all the sangat having amrit on the first day. Many persons abstain from the usual pleasures of life and devote their time to meditation, reciting gurbani, kirtan, paaths and general seva. A few kept sodh too. (sooch sodh is the practice of ablution and purification to lead a puritan way of life). During this auspicious month events are organized to encourage the sangat and especially the children to follow the tenants of Sikhism. Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji emphasises the importance of the early morning naam-simran in the sangat.

During the Prayogs numerous persons performed kirtan, katha and dewans. Southall sangat boasts of a rich number of artists who performed this seva.
Ustad Harbhajan Singh & Ragi Satvinder Singh and the Southall Jatha performed Asa de vars. (Southall jatha – Jagir Singh, Gurpratap Singh, Sevak Singh, Gian Singh Virdee, Gushmir Singh (backing vocals), Narinderpal Singh, Kulwant Singh & Sarabjit Singh (tablas).
On the first Saturday of October the sangat congregated and did a Varni (naam-simran), for the good being of His Holiness Sri Sat Guru Jagjit singh Ji. Sri Satguru Hari Singh Ji’s gurpurab (parkash diwas) fell on Sunday 14th October. On this morning Birmingham’s Gursharan Singh accompanied by Southall jatha performed Asa de var in the vara format. (jatha : bachitter singh (dholak), kulwant singh (tabla), jagir singh, gurpratap and charanjit singh, gursevak singh, gian s virdee, and sarabjit singh (backing vocals)). In the evening dewan, Shaam K Bhuller did a talk on the life and times of Sri Satguru Hari Singh Ji.
The evening dewans and kirtan was performed by a host of various personalities, notably Ustad Harbhajan Singh and ragi Satvinder singh, Ustad Gurdev Singh (on dilruba), Ustad Kiranpal Singh (on tabla) and Narinderpal singh. There was rich participation by young children:

Childrens contribution:
Instrumental by Gurpratap S Chana with Hakam S Bhullar on tabla
kavita – rendererd by Jaidev S Chana
tabla solo by Jawand S Ghatoray
Sant K Bhogal, Satnam & Satwant K Bhogal – shabads
Bhagwant, Puneet,and Veneet Kaur Sian (students of Ustad Gurdev Singh) – shabads
Shaam Kaur Bhuller – shabad & talk

Other contributors included:
Ustad Kiranpal Singh Deoora – shabads & tabla
Ragi Ranbir Singh & Jagir Singh Reehal – shabads
Kulwant S Bhogal, Dharmpal s Reehal, Balbir Singh – tabla
Harbhajan Singh Gahir & Ajeet Singh Saggu – lectures on various aspects of sikh faith & jap prayogs
Bibi Harbhajan K Ryatt & Gian K Ryatt along with southall ladies jatha – kirtan, shabads & kavita
Bibi Jyoti Chana, Sukpreet & Simran Kaur Bansal – shabads
Maan Kaur (student of ustad gurdev singh) – instrumental on dilruba
Harmeet K Matharoo & Gurkartar Deoora – kavita

During the 5 weeks, 2 video presentations were shown to the sangat. One was of the namdhari Sant Khalsa march from Sri Bhaini Sahib to Anandpur sahib to mark the 300th anniversary of Khalsa creation and the other of Sat Guru Jagjit Singh Ji’s recent visit to Thailand.

Day of Bhogs: 21 Oct 07
Paath de bhogs followed the asa de war & a Havan. A total of 16 sardaran paaths de bhogs took place. In the Ardas there was mention of numerous other paaths the sangat had done.

The children had waited eagerly for the presentation ceremony, which the Southall sangat confers to all children who take part in the Jap Prayogs. Just over 100 children (the age of 16yrs and under) were awarded with certificates, tokens and trophies. Naranjan K Matharu, Karter Singh Bhogal and Kuljeet Kaur Bhogal shared the best attendance award.

This years Southall Sangat Gratitude Award was bestowed on Sant Kuldip Singh Chana and his wife, Bibi Harbhajan Kaur Chana, for their unparalleled devotion & seva for the sangat, both in Africa and here in the UK.

Performances during the Prayogs are posted on www.kukasikhs.com, the official site of Namdhari Sangat Southall.

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