Pandit Puran Maharaj Ji – Tabla

Puran Maharaj, Pandit Kishan Maharaj’s son began his Tabla training not under his flamboyant, and phenomenally multi talented father, but his legendary grandfather Pt Kanthe Maharaj. “I was five years old then and became his student in the Ganda bandh ceremony (Ganda Bandh is a traditional knot tying ceremony which cements the relationship between guru and student). Papa was always traveling and away. It was only in 1969 when my grandfather passed away that my father started training me. Kanthe Maharaj was very gentle and kind in the way he taught us. He never yelled or spanked us. Papa on the contrary was very strict and a firebrand and disciplined us with an iron hand if we didn’t get what he was teaching us. So yes we got spanked and yelled at, but he also made up by showering us with love.



9 October 2010: a Tabla performance by Pandit Puran Maharaj Ji (son of the late Pandit Krishan Maharaj) on 9 october 2010.

Intro by Ajeet Singh

Intro by Pdt Puran Maharaj Ji

Tabla item of Pdt Puran Maharaj Ji

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