August 2014

16 August 2014 Saturday: SPECIAL PROGRAMS OF GURMAT KIRTAN AT SOUTHALL Namdhari Sikh Centre Southall organises special programs of Gurmat Kirtan and classical music from time to time. In these programs expert kirtan artists (religious musicians) and classical musicians from India enthral the sangat by presenting their performances. Few days ago renowned religious musician Ragi Kultar Singh along with his jatha visited Namdhari Sikh Centre. They performed melodious Gurbani  kirtan. Ustad Harbhajan Singh also gave a sweet and meaningful introduction of today’s special Guest Jatha. It was his humbleness to say that he is merely following the footsteps and continuing the kirtan tradition of his elders (father – Ragi Avtar Singh; grandfather – Ragi Jwala Singh). He was accompanied by S.Swaran Singh on Tabla. He especially sang the partaals including:

ਮਨ ਜਾਪਹੁ ਰਾਮ ਗੁਪਾਲ ॥ Man Jaapahu Raam Gupaal || Guru Ram Das Ang:1296 Line: 12 

ਮੇਰੇ ਮਨ ਸੇਵ ਸਫਲ ਹਰਿ ਘਾਲ ॥ Maerae Man Saev Safal Har Ghaal || Guru Ram Das Ang:977 Line: 8

 ਬਰਸੁ ਮੇਘ ਜੀ ਤਿਲੁ ਬਿਲਮੁ ਨ ਲਾਉ ॥ Baras Maegh Jee Thil Bilam N Laao || Guru Arjan Dev Ang:1267 Line: 17

They followed the Jatha led by Ustad Harbhajan Singh and accompanied by Ustad Gurdev Singh and Ustad Kiranpal Singh etc. who together sang  “ Nanak Bijuliyaan chamkan” in raag Malkus.  Afterwards, while speaking about the martyrs of 5 August, Prof Tara Singh Anjan described that they were martyred as a result of the action taken to shutdown the slaughter house which was opened to kill cows near Gurdwara Tahliana Sahib (Raikot, Punjab). Furthermore, the Namdhari Sikhs laid their lives to shutdown the slaughter house which was opened to kill cows near Harmandir Sahib (Amritsar, Punjab). Captain Ajit Singh expressed his gratitude by depicting the 60 year old relation with today’s special jatha. The program at the Gurudwara began with the Varni.

23 Aug 2014 Saturday – after the hourly naam simran, at 7 pm Bibi Harkirat Kaur and jatha enthralled the sangat by their melodious kirtan. She sang following hymns

Barasai Anmrith Dhhaar Boondh Suhaavanee ||
Adi Sri Guru Granth Sahaib: Ang 1107
Shabad: Guru Nanak

Prabh Keejai Kirapaa Nidhhaan Ham Har Gun Gaavehagae ||
Adi Sri Guru Granth Sahaib:Ang 1321
Shabad: Guru Ram Das.

Maadhho Ham Aisae Thoo Aisaa ||
Adi Sri Guru Granth Sahib: Ang 613
Shabad: Guru Arjan Dev

She was followed by the jatha led by Ustad Harbhajan Singh. They sang the swaive of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji about the month of Savan. The sangat encouraged the committee to organise such programs more frequently.

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