Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji.

+ Avtar Or Parkash Diwas: Chetar vadi teej 1946 bikrami
+ Date of Birth: 0
9 March 1889
+ Place of Birth:
Sri Bhaini Sahib Dist. Ludhiana
+ Gurgaddi Diwas:
Jeth Vadi 10th 1963 Bikrami (17.5.1906) Shri Bhaini Sahib
+ Joti Jot Diwas:
5 Bhadon 2015 Bikrami (21.8.1959) Sri Bhaini Sahib


+ Father: Satguru Hari Singh Jee
+ Mother: Mata Jeewan Kaur Jee
+ Wife:
Mata Bhupinder Kaur Veero Jee
+ Children:
Shri Satguru Jagjit Singh Jee / Maharaj Bir Singh Jee

.191     When and where was Satguru Partap Singh Ji born ? Give the details of His family ?


Chet Vadi Teez Vikrami Samvat 194b;9th March 1890 A.D. on Sunday

Birth Place: Shri Bhaini Sahib.

Father: Satguru Hari Singh Ji

Mother: Mata Jiwan Kaur

Wife: Mata Bhupinder Kaur

Children: Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji and Maharaj Bir Singh Ji.

Q.192     Give some details about the education and childhood of Satguru Partap Singh Ji ?

Ans.        After the birth of Satguru Partap Singh Ji, the Police Check Post was shifted from the main gate of Gurdwara Shri Bhaini Sahib to another place and many other restrictions imposed earlier were relaxed. Satguru Partap Singh learnt Panjabi from Sant Wazir Singh and Baba Santokh Singh. He learnt the Panj Granthi from

Sant Dhian Singh Ji. Satguru Partap Singh Ji learnt recitation of Path or Bani from Sant Sewa Singh Ji. He got the knowledge of Hindi and Sanskrit from Pandit Basant Singh Ji of village Garh Padhana. He recited whole of the Adi Sri Granth Sahib at the tender age of seven.

Q.193     At what age Satguru Partap Singh Ji became the successor of the Guruhood ?

Ans.        At the age of 16 (Sixteen)

Q.194     Who made this forecast: “New marriage will be solemnised. Partap Singh, a great visionary and confident personality will be born”?

Ans.        Satguru Ram Singh Ji had made this forecast.

Q.195     When and who uttered these words that “He is already educated”?

Ans.        Guru Hari Singh Ji uttered these words when Mata Jiwan Kaur had requested His Holiness for educating Satgunz Partap Singh Ji

Q.196     What was the main objective of the Guru Nanak Naam Leua Sarab Sampardaye Conference?

Ans.        Guru NanakNaam Leua Sarab Sampardaye  Conference was held on 14-15 October 1934 A.D. at Sri Bhaini Sahib in which the following objective was passed :­

The main objective of the conference of Guru NanakNaam Leua Sarab Sampardaye is to preach one’s religion with love and harmony and stop criticising each other.

Q.197     When and which Guru ordained that every Namdhari should do “Naam Simran” for one hour daily ?

Ans.        Shri Satguru Partap Singh Ji ordained this on Ist jeth Vikrami Samvat 1997 in 1940 A.D.

Q.198     At which places Satguru Partap Singh Ji started the Akhand Varni (Un-interrupted recitation of Naam Simran)?

  1. Ans.  At Shri Bhaini Sahib in Vikrami Samat 1996 in 1939 A.D.
  2. At Shri Jiwan Nagar in Vikrami Samvat 2004 in 1947 A.D.

Q.199     How many “Paths and Hawan Yagnas” were completed by Satguru Partap Singh Ji for the sake of re-appearance of Satguru Ram Singh Ji ?


  1. 10000 Aakhand Path of the Adi Granth Sahib.
  2. 1000 Aakhand Path of the Dasam Granth Sahib.
  3. 6,00,000 Simple Paths of the Adi Granth Sahib.
  4. Two Havan Yagnas of Chandi-Di-War.
  5. 5,25,000 Paths of Chandi -Di-War.

Q.200     How many times Satguru Partap Singh Ji visited the foreign countries?

Ans.        He visited Thai-land 22 times. He also made 4 visits to Africa and one visit to Singapore. In total His Holiness made 27 visits abroad.

Q.201     When and where Guru Nanak Naam Lewa Sarab Sampardaye – Conference was held ?

Ans.        Guru NanakNaam Leua Sarab Sampardaye Conference was held at Shri Bhaini Sahib on 29-30 Assu Vikrami Samvat 1991 (14­15 Oct.,1934 A.D.). This Conference was organised by Satguru Partap Singh Ji.

Q.202     Who had presided over the Guru Nanak Naam Leua Sarab Sampardaya Conference ?

Ans.        Bhai Arjun Singh Bagrian had presided over this Conference.

Q.203     What were the views of the scholars regarding the objective of Guru Nanak Sarab Samparda Conference?

Ans.        The views of some of the scholars about the objective of this Conference are mentioned below:­

a)      Bhai Arjun Singh Bagrian said ‘The main aim of this Conference is mutual understanding and unity of all the sects of Sikhs committed to the world-view of Guru Nanak”

b)      Sir Sunder Singh Majeethia said, “I hope, as Satguru Partap Singh Ji has tried his level best to unite us as the beads of rosary (Mala) in the thread, we should perform our duty to behave like the beads of the Mala in the thread”.

c)      The words of Gurbax Singh “Preet Lari” were:­

d)       “In this Conference, representatives of Akali Dal, Chief Khalsa Diwan and others were attracted by the charismatic personality of Satguru Partap Singh Ji. This was the result of good behaviour, clean-heartedness, great affection, pure mentality and great nature of Satguru Partap Singh Ji. The word ‘Maharaj’ was used without any hesitation and they all touched the feet of Sri Satguru Ji. Those who had never touched the feet of any person were also seen to be touching the feet of Satguru Partap Singh Ji”.

Q.204     When and where were other functions of the Guru Nanak Naam Leva Sarab Sampardaya Conference held ?

Ans.        By the blessings of Satguru Partap Singh Ji, another conference was held at Nankana Sahib on the birth anniversary of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. After this, another conference was held at Gujranwala from 19th April to 22 April in 1935 A.D. So a chain of conferences was started in this way.

Q.205     When and where was the Hindu Sikh Milap Conference held ?

Ans.        Satguru Partap Singh Ji organised this conference at Shri Bhaini Sahib on 10 to 12 Chet Vikrami Samvat 1999 (18 to 20 March in 1943 A. D. )

Q.206     Who was the President of the Hindu-Sikh Unity Conference ?

Ans.        Seth Jugal Kishore Birla.

Q.207     At the poetic symposium during the Hindu-Sikh Conference, what was the topic given for poems ?

Ans.        “Hindus and Sikhs are integral part of each other.”

Q.208     Congress arranged for a Morcha ( a peaceful march) against the British government in 1925. What was the contribution of Namdharis in it ?

Ans.        In the 1925 Morcha , on the orders of Satguru Partap Singh Ji, Namdhari Sikhs participated and court-arrested themselves with great enthusiasm.

Q.209     Give brief report of the Congress Session held in 1929.

Ans.        Congress had organised its Annual Session in Lahore on 31 December 1929 A.D. Though the Non-Namdhari Sikhs had boycotted this confernence, Satguru Partap Singh Ji had ordered the Namdharis to participate in this annual session with full vigour and force. Sri Satguru Ji had sent 100 horses for use in the congress procession and bore all the expenses of food for all the participants and delegates. This act was appreciated by S. Gurdit Singh of Kama Gata Maru.

Q.210     Who founded the Kuka-Congress Dal ?

Ans.        Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji had founded the Kuka-Congress Dal in January 1930 A.D.

Q.211     Where was the State People’s Conference arranged ?

Ans.        The State People’s Conference was arranged in Ludhiana on 17 Feb., 1939 A.D.

Q.212     “This is (the birth) place of Satguru Ram Singh Ji. No person can go empty handed from here” Who had said these words to whom and why ?

Ans.        These words were addressed by Mata Jiwan Kaur to the Namdhari Sangat. Male family members of Ghumanda had filed Cases against the Guru’s household after getting financial aid from the later. At this, some Namdhari Sikhs had requested Mata Jiwan Kaur Ji not to give money to such deceivers

Q.213     Which Maharaja had presented a gift of land in Nabha to Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji ?

Ans.        A gift of land measuring 5860 Bighas or 1281 Acres at Nabha was presented by Maharaja Ripudaman Singh (of Nabha State) to Shri Satguru Partap Singh Ji on the occasion of the birth of a son to the Raja. Satguru Partap Singh Ji had , later distributed this land among 110 Namdhari families and settled them there.

Q.214     What was the contribution of Shri Satguru Partap Singh Ji in the field of cow-protection and preservation ?

Ans.        Namdharis have participated in many agitations in favour of cow ­protection. They had protested against the setting-up of the slaughter houses by the British government in Lahore on August 1937. They had performed one lac twenty five thousand paths of Chandi-di-war. As these paths approached completion, the British government cancelled their plan of setting up the slaughter house.

Q.215     What efforts were made by Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji for promoting the Punjabi language ?

Ans.        Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji

1)   Arranged the Punjabi Conference

2)   Set up schools where Punjabi language was taught

3)   Started a weekly Punjabi Paper named “Satjug”.

4)   A daily Paper named “Kuka” was also published from Lahore for some-time.

Q.216     When and where-from was the publication of the Punjabi Paper named “Satjug” started? Who was its first Editor ?

Ans.        The “Satjug” was first published from Lahore on 26 May, 1920 A.D. Its first editor was S. Nirankar Singh Chetan

Q.217     Which Satguru Ji had banned performing marriage ceremonies at home ?

Ans.        Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji had banned the marriage ceremonies to be performed at home on the occasion of Jap-Prayog in 1935 A.D. at Sri Bhaini Sahib.

Q.218     When and which Satguru Ji banned’ engagements’ and performing prayer (Ardaas) after engagement ?

Ans.        These ceremonies were banned by Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji on the occasion of the Holla Mohalla festival on 22 March 1924 at Bijliwal.

Q.219     Mension the names of personal assistants of Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji.

Ans.        1) Sant Rattan Singh Ji 2) Sant Mohkam Singh Ji 3) Bhai Wazir Singh Ji

Q.220     When had the British Govemment requested for the recruitment of Kukas for the British Army ? What was the reply of Sri Satguru Ji?

Ans.        Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji had said “Both of us are old enemies. You have taken such mean action against Sri Bhaini Sahib that the future generations shall never pardon you. Secondly, when you are wasting the wealth of our country on illegal wars how can you expect us to aid you? The British Govt. had made this request during the First World War.

Q.221     When and where was the Wavel Conference held ?

Ans.        Wavel Conference was held at Simla in 1945 A.D. Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji was present at Simla and kept a close track of the conference.

Q.222     What type of conversation took place betweeen Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji and Pandit Nehru at the Simla Conference?

Ans.        “Why should we expect anything from the British Government ? My only desire is that we should get freedom from the Britishers, cow-slanghter be totally banned in our independent country and poor people should be looked after. But ‘Pandit Ji’, don’t forget these things after achieving independence.”

Q.223     When and where was a music school first established by Satguru Partap Singh Ji ?

Ans.        A MusicSchool was first set up at Sri Bhaini Sahib in 1928 A.D. Its objective was to impart knowledge of and create a positive attitude towards classical music.

Q.224     Which Ustads (Master Musicians) were appointed in this MusicSchool ?

Ans.        Ustad Harnam Singh Chawinde Wale was the first teacher. Ustad Udho Khan, (and after him his son Rahim Baksh) Bhai Taba and Bhai Nasir also taught at this school.

Q.225     When did Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji organise Gurmat Sangeet Samellan ? Mention the name of the winners?

Ans.        Gurmat Sangeet Samellan was organised by Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji on 8-9 Asu Vikrami Samvat 1990. Only stringed musical instruments were used in this Sangeet Samellan. Gurbani was recited as per the ragas in which it was written. The Judges in this Samellan were Bhai Sahib Bhai Kahan Singh Nabha, S. Mukand Singh Ji, Sant Hira Singh Ji, Baba Nihal Singh Ji. The first prize was won by Sri Hamam Singh of Thatha Tiba (Distt. Ferozepur),the second prize was given to Bhai Lal Ji,the Rabab Player of Amritsar and the third prize was taken by Bhai Samund Singh Ji of Nanakana Sahib.

Q.226     During the time of Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji, the school children had started a Punjabi magazine at Sri Bhaini Sahib. Give details of that magazine.

Ans.        Students of the school at Sri Bhaini Sahib continued their academic studies alongwith attending music school. A magazine named “Piara” was started by the school students. Sri Pritam Singh Kavi, Sri Pritam Singh Panchi and S. Gurdial Singh Jhattu were the editors of this magazine.

Q.227     What efforts were made by Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji for the promotion of the Punjabi language ? When and where was the first Punjabi conference held ?

1. Ans. According to the order of Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji, the Namdhari Darbar had announced on (11 Poh Vikrami Samvat 1986 , December 1929 A.D.) that only those letters would be answered, which were written in Gurmukhi.

2. This Punjabi Conference was organized in Simla on 6 December 1942 A.D. which was presided over by Bhai Man Singh Ji Bagrian. The following three resolutions were passed in this conference.

  1.  Punjabi Language should be adopted by the Delhi and Lahore Radio Stations.
  2. Punjabi language should be enforced up to the University level.
  3. Only those office-bearers should be appointed who have inclination towards Punjabi language.
  4. After that, the Punjabi Conference was organized at Sri Bhaini Sahib on October 17-18, 1942 A.D. S. Baldev Singh (Ex-Defence Minister) had presided over the Conference.

Q.228     Who was elder, Mata Jiwan Kaur or Mata Fateh Kaur Ji?

Ans.        Mata Jiwan Kaur Ji was elder by 4-5 years as compared to Mata Fateh Kaur Ji.

Q.229     “No one has got a mother like my mother” Who said this ?

Ans.        These words were said by Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji.

Q.230     When did Mata Jiwan Kaur Ji breathe her last ?

Ans.        Mata Jiwan Kaur Ji breathed her last on 30 phagun Vikrami Samvat 1999 (8th March 1943 A.D.) Saturday night 9 PM. at Sri Bhaini Sahib.

Q.231     Write a brief note on the life of Mata Bhupinder Kaur Ji ?

Ans.        Mata Bhupinder Kaur Ji was born on Purnima of Katrik, Vikrami Samvat 1955 to Mata Ram Kaur and father S. Sunder Singh of Village GuruSar (Ferozepur). Her first name was Bibi Veero. She was wedded to Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji on 13 Poh Vikrami Samvat 1971.

Q.232     Who had requested Satguru Partap Singh Ji for a separate ‘Jap­Prayog’ for ladies and when ?

Ans.   Mata Bhupinder Kaur Ji had requested Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji for a separate ‘Jap Paryog’ for ladies which was accpeted in Vikrami Samvat 1977, 1920 A.D.

Q.233     When did Mata Bhupinder Kaur pass away?

Ans.        Mata Bhupinder Kaur Ji passed away on the 29th of Bhadon Vikrami Samvat 1981, Sep. 1924 A.D., Monday at Sri Bhaini Sahib.

Q.234     When and where was the Namdhari Darbar constituted ?

Ans.        The Namdhari Darbar was constituted by Satguru Partap Singh Ji Maharaj in Vikrami Samvat 1977 1921 A.D. at Mukatsar during the Holla Mohalla. Its first chief was Maharaj Gurdial Singh and the first president was Raja Dhyan Singh Ji.

Q.235     When was the police-post at Sri Bhaini Sahib terminated?

Ans.        The police post at Sri Bhaini Sahib was terminated by the then DC of Ludhiana, Mr. PC. Hilton on the 2nd of Magh Vikrami Samvat 1923 after 51 years 3 months 23 days of its existence.

Q.236     When was the Anand Marriage Act passed ?

Ans.        The Anand Marriage Act was passed by the Viceroy’s Council on Oct. 20, 1909 A.D.

Q.237     What instructions regarding Anand Kaaraj were given by Satguru Partap Singh Ji Maharaj ?

Ans.        Instructions to be followed are as under :

  1. Anand Kaaraj should be performed without making any distinction between the rich and the poor.
  2. No sweets should be served in connection with Anand Kaaraj.
  3. On the occasion of Diwali of 8th Nov. A.D. 1922, Muklawa (farewell ceremony held by girl’s parents after marriage) was also banned.
  4. On the occasion of Baisakhi at Amritsar in 1926 A.D., it was announced that Namdharis should make marriage relations only within the Namdhari community since the girls faced difficulties when they were married in Non­Namdhari and Non-Vegetarian families.
  5. During the Holla Mohalla of 1937 A.D. at Sri Bhaini Sahib, it was ordered that henceforth marriage ceremonies would not be conducted without the prior permission of Sri Satguna Ji.The dowry in any form such as jewellery, bridal suits, furniture, cash,Shagun or any type of gifts etc. was also banned.
  6. In 1940 A.D. on the eve of Baisakhi at Amritsar, it was ordered that the couple should be given Naam before marriage.

Q.238     When and where did Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji pass away ?

Ans.        Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji passed away on the intervening night of 5-6 Bhadon, Vikrami Samvat 2016 i.e. 21-22 August 1959 A.D. at Sri Bhaini Sahib

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