Jap Prayogs


The annual Prayogs are Jap of Naam  are done daily between the appointed dates. All Namdhari communities observe this tradition with utmost vigour which was set up by Sri Sat Guru Pratap Singh Ji. In the year 2023, it wil be the 119th session of Jap Prayogs. The dates of the Prayogs usually fall in the month of asu ie about mid September to mid October. Immediately before the prayogs , two important melas are observed in Sri Bhaini Sahib. These are Mata Bhupinder Kaur Ji diwaas and a Shaheedi mela for the Amritsar shaheeds.

The Prayogs were initiated in 1906 by Satguru Pratap Singh Ji. In some years more than one Jap Prayog was completed. Their purpose was to meditate the name of GOD (ie jap of naam) in the longing of early Darshan (appearence) of Satguru Ram Singh ji. Hundreds of paths of chandi-de-var, Adi Granth Sahib and sardaran paths are done by the sangat world over. The bhogs of these paths take place at the end of the prayogs. The prayogs start with all the sangat having amrit on the first day.

Many persons abstained from the usual pleasures of life and devote their time to meditation, reciting gurbani, kirtan, paaths and general seva. A few keep sodh too.(Sooch sodh is the practice of ablution and purification to lead a puritan way of life). Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji and now Sri Satguru Uday Singh Ji emphasises the importance of the early morning naam-simran in the sangat. During this auspicious month events are organized to encourage the sangat and especially the children.

To enhance the spiritual power, Naam Simran and medtation are stressed in Maryada. Towards which Jap Prayog is organised for a month every year. By postponing all tours and staying at the same place for the whole month, Sri Satguru Ji preaches the way to do Naam Simran. To preach this meditation, way of living, he organised the Hola of 1985 in Daraslam (Tanzania). That’s why the Sikhs of nearby countries, who could not afford to come to India often, got a chance to participate in it; and local Sikhs got a chance to express their ability towards sewa and service and to the management.

In 1986, not only for a month rather Sri Satguru Ji organised Jap Prayog for the entire year. In which thousands of Sikhs did meditation (Simran) for hundreds of thousands of hours with the Rahit Maryada of righteousness and virtuousness, purity and cleanliness. Scripture reading and flow of religious discourses were continued as per programme schedules. Such exercise was meant for improvising corrections and meanings of the text.

Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji arranged 600,000 Path -reading of Sri Adi Granth Sahib. As per wishes of Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji, 1,25,000 Paths and their ceremonial closing were done by the sangat twice and started afresh. Satguru Uday Singh Ji present His Holiness of Namdhari  Singh is continuing the process of completing the paths of Sri Adi Grandth Sahib Ji vigorously.


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