A nation that does not remember those who laid down their lives for it, cannot always remain a nation worth dying for.

Remembrance Day - 19th December 2009 - was organised to commemorate the thousands of sikh soldiers who perished in the Anglo-Sikh wars. It was to remind one of the sacrifices made by the brave Punjabis in the Anglo-Sikh wars at Mudki, Ferozeshah, Sabraon and Chellianwala between 1845 and 1849. These wars against the British proved beyond doubt that Punjabi soldiers were among the best in the world.

More on the wars is at:
The First Anglo-Sikh War (1845-46) and Second Anglo-Sikh war (1848-1849)
The program got underway with an hour of Naam simran at 6pm. Candles were lit in honour of the fallen Sikhs. After the ardas, Sant Satvinder Singh Bhogal introduced the details of the program.

A sardharn paath of Adi Sri Granth Sahib was concluded in memory of all the Sikhs who fought the two wars. Therafter Pardhan Gurtejpal Singh invited Councillor Gurcharan Singh on stage to say a few words for the occasion. After the short speechs, Ustad Harbhajan Singh and the raagi jatha performed two shabads.

The main presentation followed. Satvinder Singh along with Attar Kaur, Sukhpal Kaur, Pritpal Kaur, Sukhwant Kaur and Hakam Singh brought home the reasons, causes and outcomes of the First Anglo-Sikh War. With the help of images the team went into the details of the battles of Mudki Night, Ferozeshahr, Aliwal, Bhudowal and Sabraon. The bravery, along with the technology and tactics of warfare (of the Sikh army) were related to the congregation in considerable detail.

In a fitting tribute, Ustad Harbhajan Singh sanf the kavita 'Shaheeda nu mere ..'. The program ended with an ardas followed by Guru-ka langar


Audio of the entire program:

Introduction by Satvinder Singh Bhogal

Paath Da Bhog

Opening Speeches

Shabads by Ustad Harbhajan Singhalong with
Raagis Satvinder Singh, Jagir Singh, Gurbax Singh, Uday Singh, Jaspal Singh & Sarabjit Singh (tabla).

Dropaat  /  Shabad

Main presentation by Satvinder Singh, Attar Kaur, Sukhpal Kaur, Pritpal Kaur, Sukhwant Kaur and Hakam Singh

Kavita by Ustad Harbhajan Singh


closing speeches.