The annual Prayogs are Jap of Naam for 1 Hour daily between the dates above (or over 40 consecutive days). All Namdhari communities observe this tradition with utmost vigor which was set up by Sri Sat Guru Pratap Singh Ji. This Year marks the 100th session of Jap Prayogs

The Prayogs were initiated in 1906. Their purpose was to meditate the name of GOD (ie jap of naam) in the longing of early Darshan (appearence) of Satguru Ram Singh ji as promised by Him. Hundreds of paths of chandi-de-var, aad Granth Sahib and sardaran paths are done by the sangat world over. The bhogs of these paths take place at the end of the prayogs. The prayogs start with all the sangat having amrit on the first day.

Many persons abstained from the usual pleasures of life and devote their time to meditation, reciting gurbani, kirtan, paaths and general seva. A few kept sodh too.(such sodh is the practice of ablution and purification to lead a puritan way of life).

i Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji emphasises the importance of the early morning naam-simran in the sangat.

During this auspicious month events are organized to encourage the sangat and especially the children.

LISTEN to a selection of the kirtan & diwan on the day by clicking links in the Listen Column. All audio files are courtesy of SANGEET STREAM from

The full timetable:

DAY DATE Morning Evening Seva & Bookings

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Thur 16 sept 2:00-4:am 7.30-8.30pm malkiat singh panesar  
Fri 17 2:00-4:am 7.30-8.30pm kuldip s ryaat & swaran kaur sian  
Sat 18 2:00-4:am 6-7pm
7-8pm kirtan
dalip singh bhullar & mata mans kaur chana  
Sun 19 2:00-4:am 6-7pm daya singh matharoo  
Mon 20 2:00-4:am 7.30-8.30pm harbans s panesar

Listen to shabad - gur nimakh na maan

Tue 21 2:00-4:am 7.30-8.30pm malkiat s panesar & dalip singh bhullar

Listen to shabad - satguru savaye

Wed 22 2:00-4:am 7.30-8.30pm suba arvind singh / bibi narinder kaur & sant randhawa ji  
Thur 23 2:00-4:am 7.30-8.30pm kewal singh khalla

Listen to shabad - guruje ke darshan ko

Fri 24 2:00-4:am 7.30-8.30pm satvinder singh bhogal

Listen to shabad - mango ram de ek daan

Sat 25 2:00-4:am 6-7pm
7-8pm kirtan
ranjit singh sehra & harnam singh brar

Listen to classical dhun
Listen to shabad - sobha mere lalan ke
Listen to shabad - phir dhakan ke aas

Sun 26 2:00-4:am 6-7pm mata harbans kaur sagoo

Listen to shabad - mema sadhu sang ke
Listen to shabad - jagjit guru tere darshan

Mon 27 2:00-4:am 7.30-8.30pm daljit singh sondh

Listen to shabad - shajan dehy seis uthar

Tue 28 2:00-4:am 7.30-8.30pm kiranpal singh deeora  
Wed 29 2:00-4:am 7.30-8.30pm sant dalip singh bhullar Listen to shabad - mil sant mandlee
Thur 30 2:00-4:am 7.30-8.30pm daljit singh sondh Listen to shabad - mere rajan mein baragi
Fri 01 oct 2:00-4:am 7.30-8.30pm

sukhbir kaur & dalip singh bhullar & swaran singh sian & daljit singh sondh

Listen to shabad - maat dekh
Sat 02 2:00-4:am 4:00-6:am asa de waar manmoham singh and sukhpal singh bhatti Listen to lecture on jap prayogs - by ajit singh
Listen to shabad - pawan naam jagat mein
Listen to shabad
- tu mere praan adhar
Listen to shabad - soun yaar hamare sajaan
Listen to shabad - je vaari saajan jayee
7-8pm kirtan
mata kirpal kaur bhatti & harcharan singh reehal
Sun 03 2:00-4:am  6-7pm bachan singh bhuller & dalip singh bhullar Listen to shabad
Mon 04 2:00-4:am 7.30-8.30pm

malkeet singh panesar

Tue 05 2:00-4:am 7.30-8.30pm kuldip singh chana & gian kaur chana & padamjit singh matharu & surjit s surdhal  
Wed 06 2:00-4:am 7.30-8.30pm gurbachan singh matharu Listen to shabad - jah har tirath jagat
Thur 07 2:00-4:am 7.30-8.30pm raghbir singh chana & satwant singh panesar & satwant singh panesar  
Fri 08 2:00-4:am 7.30-8.30pm jaspal singh ghattore & rattan singh ryatt Listen to shabaddekh sawa bermohay hai
Sat 09 2:00-4:am 6-7pm
7-8pm kirtan
gurbachan singh sian & balvinder singh chana Listen to shabad - rasna ram ko jas gao
Sun 10 2:00-4:am 6-7pm joginder singh bhamara Listen to shabad - mata swaran kaur & jatha
Mon 11 2:00-4:am 7.30-8.30pm suba jagtar singh Listen to shabad
Tue 12 2:00-4:am 7.30-8.30pm bachan singh bhuller & kartar s sondh & gurshinder singh/amarjit kaur matharu Listen to shabad - pritam maan mohana
Wed 13 2:00-4:am 7.30-8.30pm

kamaljit singh virdee & kartar s sondh

Listen to shabad - phiro mein diwani
Thur 14 2:00-4:am 7.30-8.30pm

mudhar family

Listen to shabad - kirth prabh ke gaoun moore rasna
Fri 15 2:00-4:am 7.30-8.30pm

baldev singh seera & joginder s bhambra

Sat 16 2:00-4:am 6-7pm
7-8pm kirtan

mata prakash k virdee / harjit & harpreet singh  chana & pritam k jagmotrai

Listen to shabad murat ko bal jayo
Listen to shabad - kathak karam kamvne

by ustad harbhajan singh, ragi satvinder singh, gurdev singh, narinderpal singh, kulwant singh, avtar singh & jatha
Sun 17 2:00-4:am  5-7.30am asa de waar 7.30am paath de BHOGS and final ceremonies

Listen paath de BHOGS and listen to final ardas of 100th jap prayogs