Tribute to Sant Satbachan S Deoora



Suba Jagtar Singh (l) presents an award to Sant Satbachan Singh (r)

In a tribute to Sant Satbachan Singh Deoora (father of santoor vadak Kiranpal Singh) the UKs namdhari sangat gathered together at the Southall Namdhari Center on the evening of Wednesday, 3 january 2007. 

Sant Satbachan Singh Deoora suddenly and gracefully passed away just before mid-night Wed 27 Dec 2006. He was 78 yrs old. Originally settled Kenya and later in Moshi, Tanzania, Sant Ji moved to the UK in 1968, where the family settled in Southall. Satbachan Singh Ji was the foundation stone of the Namdhari Sangat in Southall and also a pillar on which the sangat evolved. His grace, radiance & immense knowledge was the cornerstone of his personality. His residence was the Deera for Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji’s trips to UK for many years. His dedication to his Holiness Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji is reflected through the Bakhsish on the family and especially via Santoor vadak  Kiran Pal Singh and Bibi Tajinder Kaur. He practiced first and preached later. His knowledge on Gurbani, sangeet and sikh history was unsurpassable. His loss to the Namdhari Sangat is akin to having lost forever an encyclopedia from a library.

Earlier in the day the sangat and Deoora family had completed the necessary funeral ceremonies. In the evening the sangat did the customary one hour naam-simran during which a sardharan Paath of Adi Granth Sahib Ji was concluded. Ustad Harbhajan Singh along with Ragi Satvinder Singh & Jagir Singh performed shabads pertaining to the occasion. Ustad ji paid his shandranjali to sant ji after the shabads. This was followed by a musical tribute by Kiranpal Singh on the santoor, accompanied by Sanju Sahai on tabla. Kiranpal, despite his immense loss, delicately performed various bandishes. Among the UK congregation were relatives of the family  from the US and Canada & Pradhan Manjeet Singh from Nairobi. Sant Harjinderpal Singh (santoor vadak) and Ragi Baljeet Singh Namdhari & jatha were present too.

Ardas followed and along with paying his personal respects, Secretary Ajeet Singh called on stage various persons to pay tribute and celebrate Sant Jis Life. Ex-pradhan Kuldip Singh Chana (now Senoir advisor to the southall committee), Historian Jeet Singh Jeet, Mr Surjit Singh (Canada), Sant Randhawa ji and UK Pradhan Sulkhan Singh all paid their shandranjalis. Jeet Singh reminded us the close relationship Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji had with sant ji.

Bibi Tajinder Kaur spoke on behalf of the family. She shared the various chapters of Sant Jis life in Africa , India & England with the congregation.

Sant Ji is going to be missed tremendously and deeply as he lives in the hearts and body and soul of all of us for his contribution to the well being of the community and the magnificent role he played at every level, with those that were close to him and his ability to comminute with children at their own level where were he was able to delivery the message of truth and sincerity of a good character which are essential part of a good human being in this stage of development. He left a vacuum which will be difficult to replace and will sadly missed by all young and all alike. We hope and pray with all sincerity for the peace of his soul. Lets all pray for blessing to be showered on his soul by Satguru Ji.

Sant Satbachan Singh leaves behind a wife, sons, daughters and grandchildren who are proud and faithful members of the Namdhari Sangat. Namdhari Sikh Sangat Southall

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