PETITION – We Want Justice

mata-ji-banner-red To: All concerned representatives of the Governments of India and PUNJAB

Why should you sign? The Namdhari Sikh community, are shocked at the escalation of occurrences of violence against our peaceful community and we are frustrated by the lack of action from authorities. We are distressed at the time taken by the Government of India and the Government of Punjab, to investigate the atrocious series of crimes against the Namdhari Sikh community in Punjab. The murder of Avtar Singh in April 2011, and the planned attempt on the life of Sri Satguru Uday Singh ji in December 2015 by suicide bombers has not been effectively investigated and the true culprits not brought to justice despite their associates being in custody.

More recently the cold-blooded and brutal assassination of Jagat Mata Chand Kaur ji on the 4th April 2016 is an atrocity that has no comparison. To date, no arrests have been made and the killers and those supporting them have not been caught. We petition the Government of India and the Government of Punjab to direct and focus their efforts more vigorously and urgently to find those murderers who committed this heinous offence, and bring the full force of the Law upon them without further delay.




So we appeal to all the concerned representatives of the Government of India and the Government of PUNJAB to solve these cases at the earliest and apprehend the culprits, SO THAT JUSTICE AND PEACE CAN PREVAIL.

PETITION - We Want Justice

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End date: Dec 31, 2016

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